Merry Christmas: The Vietnam way
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year at the Victory Hotel in HCMCity

HCMCity's Victory Hotel has maintained its record as one of the top ten three star hotels with four star facilities every year for the past decade.

The Victory Hotel with its four star facilities and service includes a helicopter landing pad on the roof of the six story hotel at the ready for its valued guests.

The hotel located within walking distance of the historic Independence Palace has received numerous awards for excellence including an award in the "Top 20 excellence enterprises in Vietnam 2014" awarded by the Minister of finance for compliance with the law and tax policy.

The general director of the Victory Hotel, Colonel Nguyen Huu Quang has received recognition for the maintainance of the service of the 200 room hotel in titles including "Excellent manager in new age", "Business with heart, talent, mind bravery" and an award for one of "Top 50 Excellent Vietnamese Bussinessmen 2013."